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 MN is the longest-running local newspaper in Marikina Valley. Owned by the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley, it was founded to abolish “Marikina Apartheid” and promote equal political opportunities to all residents of the city.Five Chairmen has led the paper: Dr. Jimmy Trinidad who died in office; Judge Ricardo Diaz, Atty.Cesar Turiano who became Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus; Dr. Fabian Cadiz who was elected Number One Councilor of Marikina and Romeo Balasta who migrated to Illinois.The paper declared its victory over “Marikina Apartheid” when Marides Carlos Fernando of Bulacan  ancestry was elected Mayor of Marikina, Del de Guzman who is residing in Taytay, Rizal province, was elected Congressman and; Dr. Fabian Cadiz and Councilor Donn Favis, who are of Bicolano and Ilocano ancestry respectively, were elected number one councilors of their respective districts

marikina news is great .its all about news in marikina and sites that you can suggest about their city also sites that they can argue about the political culture of our government in the philippines


strama paper :)

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Political & Governmental Factors

<!—[if !supportLists]—>· <!—[endif]—>International Political Stability: The good performance and growth of the Philippine Tourism industry depends a lot on Political stability in other countries. A stable peaceful global…